Catholic Daughters History and Purpose


The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is the largest Catholic Women's organization in the nation with a membership of approximately 120,000 women.

Founded in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus, we have flourished under our motto of Unity and Charity. Our dedication to Church and Country has evolved through the years to encompass local, state, national, and global concerns. Under our "Circle of Love" program there is something for every one of us. Not everyone has to work on every phase of the program. Our Circle of Love Program consists of: Leadership, Spiritual Enhancement, Quality of life, National Projects, Youth, Education and legislation.

In summary, the Catholic Daughters of the Americas is an organization through which today's woman can help to create change it is an organization through which an individual can reasonably make a difference in today's world. It is an organization through which friends can be made and personal growth attained. Finally, and most importantly, it is an effective means through which we can serve our brothers and sisters along with serving God, Church, and Country.

 Our Court

Locally our Court, Court Alice Boucher #1537, along with sister courts in the diocese host the ordination reception for our new priests each year. Our court makes contributions to our schools and each year we recognize the leading young lady in each of our high schools in our parish who exemplifies a true Catholic spirit and lifestyle. The recipient of the Lutha Pierrett award, named for one of our past regents, is chosen from her school by her teachers and in some cases by her peers.

We also give an award for the outstanding Catholic Student in eighth grade CCD Program, the Agnes Benezech award named after Mrs. Agnes Benezech, who taught CCD for many years and the Sr. Bernard Marie Award, goes to the outstanding eighth grader at St Genevieve Middle School. We donate to the seminarians and we help with various church programs, such as the candles at the Easter Saturday mass, and occasionally the coffee and donuts after our 8am Mass on Sunday for our parishioners. We played an active part in the planning and participated in the St. Genevieve Annual Parish Picnic, and we look forward to participating in future picnics. We also serve as Eucharistic Ministers to the home bound, nursing homes, and hospitals.


 We contribute to Faith House and other needy charities through our "Make a Difference Program. We show our support for an end to Abortion with our Right to Life involvement and strive to end pornography with our white ribbon campaign. We also support the Alleman Center with a monthly contribution for meals, and host a monthly birthday party and furnish gifts at Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day at Amelia Manor Nursing Home.

Still, today, by the Grace of God and dedication to our Blessed Mother, Mary, our Patroness, Court Alice Boucher #1537, continues through prayer, good works, and the helping of others less fortunate.