RCIA journey begins each September for those desiring to inquire about become members of the Catholic Church. This journey only ends when we are with Jesus for all eternity. Our Program is open to adults (those 18 and older) who have never been baptized, who were baptized Catholic but who were never instructed (catechized) in the principles of Catholicism, and those Catholics who are in need of a particular sacrament.

We encourage the participation of adult, baptized Catholics who desire to journey with those who are learning about the Catholic faith and culture.

Participation in the RCIA Program does not obligate anyone to become a member of the Catholic Church. To make a decision to become a member of the Catholic Church one must first understand the basic Articles of the Faith, the Commandments, the Sacraments, and Christian Prayer, i.e., a foundation upon which to make a decision. "Conversion is not primarily a matter of espousing a new set of beliefs or executing new forms of worship; conversion implies a new way of relating to God in such a way that one also relates differently to other people. Conversion is a matter of living justly, reaching out to all and sharing with them all that one has." (Worship, Vol. 54, No. 1:January, 1980).

If you wish to wish to register and begin that journey of inquiry, please call the church office.