Liturgical Ministries

There are many activities you can be involved within your church that do not take a lot of time.

 Altar Servers

Altar Servers actively participate in assisting the Priest in performing the various parts of the liturgy. Training is provided. Altar servers are required to have received their First Eucharist and be an active participant in their faith. Servers should arrive fifteen minutes before Mass and check in. They will be instructed if there is anything additional needed of them at that celebration. Servers are assigned on a rotating schedule.  

 Eucharistic Ministers

This liturgical ministry is responsible for distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at the weekend Masses and other times Mass is celebrated. Training is provided. Eucharistic ministers are assigned on a rotating schedule. They are asked to arrive fifteen minutes prior to liturgy and check in. Contact the Parish Office at 234-5147 for more information on how you can become active. Eucharistic Ministry requirement is a Catholic in good standing with the Church.


The Lector Ministry is a highly visible ministry. Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord during the Liturgy and lead the Penitential Rite and the General Intercessions. A lector must have a passion for Scripture; an ability to interpret and understand Scripture; and, sufficient public speaking skills to proclaim the Word to the congregation. Lectors currently serve on a rotating schedule.

 If you feel like you are called to one of these ministries, please contact the parish office.